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Techniques Library


Techniques Library

Welcome to the Next Level Techniques Library - exclusively for coachees. Here you will find a range of tools and Techniques to help take the lessons and Principles you’ve learned in your coaching sessions and workshops and make them real but building habits.

The Techniques are categorised by the Principle you wish to work on, so you may find the same Technique in two different sections to make it easier for you to find the tool that is just right for your needs. Simply click the box to download your copy.

Asking Better Questions

“Recapping & Clean Questions”

This Technique improves questioning skills, creates deeper relationships and removes confusion.



“Other Person’s Shoes”

A Technique to help you prepare for an interaction with another person by seeing things from their perspective, and adapting your approach to achieve a successful outcome.



Resisting temptation or distraction is easier to do if it does not exist. Input Control offers ideas on how to better control your environment to stay disciplined on your path to high-performance.


Strategic Thinking

“Meeting Strategy”

Clarifies the purpose of meetings and improves preparation and confidence. The version with User Notes comes with a step by step on how to get the most from the tool.


Time & Energy Management

“Best of you & rest of you”

Allocate your most important tasks of the day to your highest energy times of day to maximise output and productivity.



“Calendar Blocking”

Improves work efficiency and makes the right amount of space for the most important tasks. The version with User Notes comes with a step by step on how to get the most from the tool.



“Energy Flow (Day)”

Map out the best and most productive times of your day to get clarity on when to do your different tasks in the most efficient way.



“Escape Rope”

Regain clarity of direction and priorities when in a state of overwhelm.




A precursor to the “Escape Rope” Technique. “Regaining Control” helps you stand back and identify the things in life that are causing the most anxiety and helps you to identify the tactics necessary to bring these challenges under control.