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What Coaching IS
(and isn't)


What Coaching IS
(and isn't)

Mindset Coaching is an intense but rewarding experience. It is for those who seek greater levels of self-awareness, insight and wisdom and who are prepared to put in the work to achieve it.

Coaching is…

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No matter how good you think you are at compartmentalising, your personal life affects your professional performance, and vice versa. Mindset coaching will always focus on you and your whole world to get a full circle view of the current situation, and where you want to go. We will solve the cause, not the symptom, of the challenges you currently face.

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Ever given someone advice and they have never taken it? That’s because the advice may have worked for your situation, but won’t work for theirs. Mindset Coaching doesn’t offer catch-all solutions for individual challenges, but rather uses questions to create the conditions you need to uncover the right solution for you.

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Those not up for a challenge need not apply. For Mindset Coaching to work, you need to put in maximum effort, focus and honesty. You will be held to account, because creating real change is not easy, and we can’t do it for you. That said, it will create a shift in your way of thinking and give you the tools you need to achieve what you want.

Coaching isn’t…



During a coaching session, your coach will never give you the answers because the solution must be right for you in order to have lasting impact. Your coach will help you dig deep to uncover the right answer for your situation using question based techniques and space for real exploration and discovery.



Coaching is a future-facing, solution-focused series of conversations. Whilst your past will be relevant, the premise of coaching is that the client has the capacity to solve the problems being discussed. This means that coaching is not appropriate for the treatment of trauma, addiction or mental illness.

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Real change doesn’t happen overnight, and anyone promising such should be avoided. The process of mindset coaching takes time because it is used to take on big goals and ambitions.